Why You Deserve to Celebrate Yourself

Can I just take a moment to express how utterly blown away I am when women take my advice to heart and start celebrating their victories regularly? Let me tell you about a recent experience that truly warmed my heart.

In a recent group coaching call for The Unlearning Lab, a member named Nicole shared some incredible insights. But let’s rewind a bit to give you the full picture.

A few weeks ago, Nicole and I had a heart-to-heart about the challenges she was facing, primarily in her professional life. She was feeling overwhelmed and stuck, drowning in a sea of tasks and responsibilities, all while grappling with the nagging belief that she wasn’t measuring up.

We dove deep into her story, uncovering the ways in which her own narrative was holding her back. But even as she struggled, I made sure to highlight the progress she’d made since we first crossed paths. I vividly remember meeting Nicole for the first time during a talk I delivered at her organization last summer, and the growth she’d undergone since then was undeniable.

With a newfound sense of clarity, I issued Nicole a challenge—a simple experiment to shift her perspective. I suggested she keep a jar by her bedside and jot down a small victory from each day, no matter how seemingly insignificant, for just seven days.

Her response? A cautious but intrigued smile. “Yeah, that sounds interesting. I’d be open to giving it a try.”

And so, the experiment began. Nicole thought of it as a game, celebrating moments like taking a mental health break, resisting triggers at work, or simply acknowledging her own growth and self-awareness.

Fast forward to our next coaching call where Nicole shared the profound impact this simple practice had on her mindset. She was amazed at how a shift in perspective led to increased confidence and forward momentum.

This experience reaffirmed a fundamental truth for me: Confidence isn’t built overnight through grand gestures or sweeping changes. It’s cultivated through a series of small, intentional steps—each victory contributing to the strengthening of that inner resilience.

Sometimes, all it takes is a subtle shift in perspective to recognize the abundance of wins in our lives, rather than fixating on perceived shortcomings. Perhaps we’re too accustomed to waiting for external validation, failing to realize that the power to celebrate ourselves lies within our own hands.

It’s time to start applauding your own victories. Take a moment each day to acknowledge your progress, no matter how small. Because you deserve to celebrate yourself, and the time for self-recognition is long overdue.

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