The Leadership Lab

Being a LEADER requires stepping
into your personal power.

Rise above the high pressure and tight deadlines. Beat burnout and instead, build resilience.

The world needs powerful women leaders. And we need them now!

Unfortunately, the modern workplace is broken, and I know that many women hold the key to changing things for the better.

Women face many unique challenges that often keep them from climbing the corporate leadership ladder.

In fact, the biggest challenges I see ambitious, hardworking women encounter are:

  • Not knowing how to communicate their strengths and advocate for themselves

  • Lack of confidence around the “how to’s” of being an excellent leader of people

  • Feeling like an impostor - stemming from outdated beliefs and the perpetual act of comparing themselves to others

  • Challenges in their communications styles that have them feeling like they speak a totally different language than the men at work

And that's only the tip of the iceberg.

The concept of “authentic leadership” has become very popular in recent times. So much has been written about leadership presence and how to cultivate it in yourself - but the inherent dilemma for women trying to apply these concepts is a dizzying narrative around expectations about what rising to the top should look like. Everyone expects that to move up in leadership they will have to display the “right” professional identity and work style – ones that “fits” with expectations.

But what is right and fits is heavily influenced by the dominant culture within an organization, which in most cases has been established by men (mostly older and predominantly white). So , the professional identity needed to succeed includes behaviors that feel inherently inauthentic to most women and can feel almost performative. As a result of trying to fit a mold, in traditional workplace contexts, women learn to alter, repress, or hide some of the makings of their identity and find they have to restrain their personal style in order to fit in.

The Leadership Lab is a 6-week curated program for women in middle to senior-level leadership positions within organizations and companies designed to give them all the transformational tools and confidence to tackle your leadership challenges head on. Using a mix of high level coaching and leadership techniques, this program will help each woman co-create the most authentic approach to creating radical results in the workplace and in their own leadership journey.

No more pretending. No more overworking. No more waiting.

Enough Labs works with your team to curate a 10-week program responsive to the needs of your unique organization. Specifically, the program supports women in their leadership journey with the following:

  • Helps female leaders learn the foundations of emotional intelligence and build practical skills for managing work-related conflict and stress

  • Offers practical tools in how to navigate negativity, strategies that support a growth mindset and cultivates confidence and encourages ways to maintain balanced energy along the way.

  • Inspires reflection on inclusive models for leadership to foster brave, supportive spaces where all voices feel heard.

  • Identify strategic opportunities to enable women on your team to reveal their most confident, innovative and dynamic selves.

What's Included in the Curriculum

Module 1: Power and Gender Dynamics in the Workplace and the Effect it Has on Leadership

Module 2: Making Imposter Syndrome a Thing of the Past

Module 3: Leading without the Weight of Limiting Beliefs

Module 4: Confident and Authentic Communication

Module 5: Designing Your Leadership Legacy (both in and out of the workplace)

Module 6: Being the Strategic Leader who Fosters an Inclusive Environment

The program is completed with a 3-hour VIP on-site workshop for program participants to reflect on goal setting, leadership values and strategic initiatives they want to prioritize within their roles.

Participants in this program will receive group coaching and individual coaching sessions that are guaranteed to help propel you forward – both individually and within your team.

Want to bring The Leadership Lab to your workplace?

Still have questions? I’ve got answers.

"Dina has such a gift at creating a space where you feel comfortable opening up without fear of judgment. Her intuitive style of coaching allows you to dig deep, while feeling supported. She holds you accountable in such an empowering yet gentle way. Having Dina as a coach will push your further than you've ever been". – Nazinga T.


"Willing to broach any topic, it's like she holds a mirror up and allows me to see ME, just as I am and also how I want to be. I can't recommend her ENOUGH!" - Kristi L.

"Dina has a way of listening to what is and isn't being said, and pushing you to explore what you are hesitant to share. Her intentions and honesty allowed me to see things and see myself in a different light. Forever grateful to her." – Ruthie O.

"Dina hears the words I have a hard time expressing and understands the thoughts that may be too embarrassing to speak aloud. Dina challenges me in a way that forces me to channel genuine emotions and acknowledge them".MyLecia J.