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There are few things I enjoy as much as connecting authentically with an audience to help someone experience their most confident self.

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The confidence gap for women is real; and one of the most pervasive culprits is the obsession with being perfect.

Over time, the need to be perfect in all things can chip away at one's confidence, fueling a fear of failure and a constant need for validation. Perfectionist tendencies have a way of manifesting excessive self-criticism, a fear of making mistakes and patterned over-apologizing for what many believe are perceived shortcoming or failures.

It’s time to ask the question, when will women be free from incessantly apologizing for their imperfections?

In a world where women are often conditioned to fit into predefined molds and look perfect while doing it, Dina Scippa, Founder and CEO of Enough Labs offers a fresh, new take on what choices women have. She speaks to diverse audience in a way that challenges the status quo and empowers women at your organization to embrace their authentic self.

Dina's style is funny, informative, and offers a bold, but necessary truth telling perspective. By breaking with the predefined molds of what we think we should be, Dina encourages women to embrace their most unapologetic self, so that they can lead with conviction, take up space, and own their genius.

With nearly two decades of experience working in some of the most exciting and demanding environments around the world, Dina is able to bring practical real world experience to her coaching, mentoring and speaking. It’s this fusion of first-hand experience, personal anecdotes and humor that enables her to connect so deeply with her audiences and create such inspiring and transformational talks.

Dina is a recognized expert and leader in the field of gender equality and women’s empowerment. She regularly mentors and coaches women and girls to step into their power, without compromising who they are or what they are looking to create in the world. Her goal is to help women and girls get in touch with what sets their souls on fire.

Dedicated to helping women and girls realize that they have everything they need within them, Dina is delighted to work with event organizations and planners to develop tailored programs that are relevant and meaningful to their specific audiences.

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Topics Include:

Sorry, Not Sorry: Embracing the power of authenticity over perfectionism, this signature keynote will help your audience give themselves permission to explore how to take up space as a leader without apology.

*Radical acceptance of who you are: *Explore ways to cultivate self-compassion, letting go of guilt, and loving ourselves for exactly who we are - ENOUGH

The power of advocating for yourself: Unpack what is stopping you from asking for what you want and why you keep choosing to play small and safe. Encourage audiences how to embrace that there is so much more waiting for us on the other side of the fear that is telling us we aren't good enough to deserve what we want.

The journey around the world to self-discovery 
How exploring the world helped me to meet extraordinary women, and discover and accept myself in the process 

" Your conference was absolutely beautiful. I'm literally sitting here in tears of release and joy. Thank you so much for curating this! And keep going. It's so needed." - Jamise P.


"I loved it! That was such a great discussion and you have an amazing ability to create a conversation that is warm, engaging and authentic." - Yeva A.

"SOLID! Just excellent and powerful. You are fierce and owned the moment with such grace. I am moved." - Nicole M.