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When I talk to women and girls, I see nothing but their full potential - even when they do not see it or believe it themselves. So, I am certain that I can help YOU create a vision and an action plan that will propel you forward in accomplishing your goals.

Consider me as more than your coach. Think of me as your confidante, your ally, and most importantly, your sister-friend.

Where does the struggle to knowing you are enough come from?

Did you know that a girl’s self-confidence peaks at age 9? Can you remember how you were feeling at that age? Didn't it feel like anything was POSSIBLE?

Eventually, things start to shift. The changes that young girls encounter after age 9 can be incredibly disorienting. One day, young girls find themselves as masters of their universe: gutsy, unafraid, and bold. Then puberty arrives, their confidence decreases, and suddenly they transform into unrecognizably timid, cautious, risk-averse versions of their former self.

So, what does this all mean? It means that we are creating a generation of girls, whose self confidence peaks before they even reach double digits. It means that from that point on, their confidence starts to fade, slipping away as insecurities, doubts, and body image issues begin to take hold. 

Low self-esteem and nagging self-doubt often remain through adulthood. So, when you take girls who are frequently encouraged and rewarded for their people-pleasing and perfectionist behavior, the consequences can be dire. To realize that we are enough and that we have always been enough will ultimately be our saving grace.

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About Enough Labs

Enough Labs is part of a global movement to reverse the troubling trend of women questioning their confidence and worth set in motion at a young age. Ultimately, our goal is to foster connection among women and girls and help them apply tools and skills to thrive in spite of life’s constant pressures and times of transition.

Using experiential learning and transformative coaching techniques, Enough Labs has designed a suite of program offerings that are oriented to empowering women and girls to embrace the belief that they are wholeheartedly enough, just as they are.

Why Labs?  Well, labs evokes this powerful metaphor of a testing ground; a space to take risks and experiment with potential solutions to a complex problem. In this case, the complex problem is chronic insecurity. And it warrants multifaceted approaches in different spaces to tackle the issues that tend to hold women and girls back. 

Enough Labs wants to be daring in our approach to find innovative solutions that will help shape the next generation of changemakers; so that their confidence and self-esteem continues to rise throughout the years.  Our work will take us where it needs to in order to access women and girls - whether that be through one-on-one coaching, workshops and retreats, virtual and in-person sessions, and through our online community.

Let's face it - the world is in desperate need of these types of changemakers.

Are you in?

Meet Dina Scippa, Founder and CEO of Enough Labs 

Hi. I’m Dina. And I’m so glad you’re here.

I am an empowerment coach, speaker, travel enthusiast, and goal crusher. I have always been ridiculously passionate about the stories women and girls tell themselves and what it takes for them to see themselves in their highest potential.

Being a woman or girl in today’s world is tough and I get it. From an early age, I felt I wasn’t good enough and believed that something was inherently wrong with me. But I also struggled to figure out where it came from exactly. On top of it all, I displayed this desperate penchant for over-achievement and perfection. I had this deep-seated feeling that I needed to compensate and prove myself worthy to be on par with others. And in the process, I didn’t feel worthier; all I felt was sheer exhaustion.

It took me a long time to embrace a fundamental lesson: no one was judging me as harshly as I was judging myself. (Boom!) I had to stop letting guilt or ‘because I should’ be a reason for anything and everything I chose to do. I had to re-train my brain that I do not need to be perfect; and get to a place where I believed I was worthy of it all.

Prior to formally launching my coaching practice, I spent the last 17 years in the international development sector, most recently as a gender and social inclusion adviser. I traveled across the globe to over 30 countries around the world advising projects on how to reach women and girls more equitably. While it has been the dream job, I knew I longed for something more; for an opportunity to make a lasting impact.

In addition to nearly 20 years of professional experience, I also received my Master's degree in gender and development; as well as my Bachelor's degree in international relations and economics. I have published extensively on issues related to women's leadership, gender roles and cultural norms, and barriers to participation and advancement - all across a myriad of sectors. I am a Certified Coach and Mentor, and have received my training from the Youth Coaching Institute. I have also taken numerous courses related to psychoanalytical approaches and coaching techniques.

I am proud to have created a place for women and girls to connect and support one another through Enough Labs. And I can't wait to meet you. 

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You are enough. You are so enough. It is unbelievable how enough you are.

We are all fighting the same burdens.

There are so many reasons to close yourself off to the world.

You don’t want people to worry. You want your space and privacy. You have an image to maintain. You don’t want to drag people down.

But the truth is, we are all fighting. There comes a time when you need to recognize that your thoughts, your feelings, and your story all matter. That you matter.

No matter where you are in your story or what it looks like, it means something. Your story is my story; and it is also the story of many women and girls across the world. There is power with sharing your story, because the world needs to hear them. 

Enough Labs
Enough Labs

I know, it's hard to get rid of self-doubt.

It may seem simple to understand logically that you are enough. But, really getting it on an emotional level and freeing oneself from old negative thoughts is a journey of recovery.

It takes some SERIOUS work!

The good news, the reward on the other side of it is so incredible.

Let me help you overcome insecurity.

I am passionate about the life-changing results I have experienced myself and have poured that enthusiasm into the programs I have designed to help you.

I coach women and girls for a singular purpose — to one day see them embody their strongest sense of self by learning how to truly love and embrace who they uniquely are.

Enough Labs