The woman you are right now is enough. Ready to start believing it?

Ever wonder why you keep believing the same story that's keeping you stuck?

The quicker you realize what the story IS that you’ve got on loop,

the sooner you can start to rewire the negative self-talk that is keeping you stuck and likely causing you to play way smaller than you should be playing. I've developed a quiz to help give you insight into what is holding your confidence back.

Want to stop thinking like this ⬇

  • “I’m not smart enough to ____”
  • “I wouldn’t call myself ‘pretty’”
  • “I wish I could do that but…”
  • “I need to lose 10 lbs and then I’ll be happy”
  • “Is this kind of a dumb dream?”

And start feeling like that? ⬇

  • I’m smart. I’ll learn it. And crush it.
  • Yes, I DID wake up like this 💋
  • Well, how hard can it be?
  • My body’s not just a temple. She’s a whole damn religion.
  • Ok, but what if I dream even bigger?

Hi, I’m Dina. I am so glad you’re here.

I am an empowerment and self-love advocate. A feminist. An unwavering optimist. And hopefully your coach.

A woman in black dress standing next to wall with hearts.

There is no missing piece. You are already enough!

If you struggle with feeling like you aren't doing enough, being enough, or having enough in some area of your life, we need to talk. You don't need to sit in this vicious cycle of searching for more.

You're not lacking. And I'll prove it to you!

I'm Dina, a leadership coach and trainer who specializes in supporting women and girls pursue the dreams that matter to them, while embracing the undeniable truth that they are already more than enough.

It starts with loving yourself exactly where you are, ditching the negative self-talk and taking on a mindset that supports your ability to thrive.

Through one-to-one coaching, programs, and retreats, people come to Enough Labs to work on letting go of expectations, finding their voice and embracing their most confident selves.

What if the best version of you is YOU?

Our coaching services and workshops are uniquely designed to help women and girls to amplify their leadership skills, foster unshakeable self-confidence and strengthen trust both in their voice and within themselves.

A girl's self-confidence peaks at age 9.

Can you remember how you felt at that age? Anything felt POSSIBLE!

It all starts with you. Let Enough Labs help.

Are you struggling to seeing yourself in your highest potential? Enough Labs has you covered. Through customized coaching services and workshops, I help women and girls apply tools to help build their self-confidence and self-worth. I know that growing up in today’s world has its challenges.

Let’s face it, it’s rough out there. I help women heal from the inside, get motivated, live passionately and make healthy choices so that they can pursue their dreams.

My ultimate goal is to foster confidence, positive coping skills and whole-hearted trust among women and young girls everywhere.


At Enough Labs, we always do our best to foster a personal and legitimate sense of trust among clients. Check out what previous clients have to say about our services below.

❝Dina has such a gift at creating a space where you feel comfortable opening up without fear of judgment. Her intuitive style of coaching allows you to dig deep, while feeling supported. She holds you accountable in such an empowering yet gentle way. Having Dina as a coach will push your further than you've ever been.❞ - Nazinga T.


❝ Dina is a gifted coach. She has a way of listening to what is and isn't being said, and pushing you to explore what you are hesitant to share. Her intentions and honesty allowed me to see things and see myself in a different light. Forever grateful to her." - Ruthie O. 

❝ Dina is an exemplary and effective coach, possessing the skills and personality traits essential for growth and breakthrough. She is empathetic, challenging and committed to your development and process. Dina is a perfect balance of love and strength, making her an efficient coach. If you are looking to achieve results and are willing to look within to discover any hidden blocks, Dina is an optimal coach for you.❞ - Andrea M. 

"There are many coaches out there, but my experience with Dina has been rare and magical to say the least. Dina hears the words I have a hard time expressing and understands the thoughts that may be too embarrassing to speak aloud. Dina challenges me in a way that forces me to channel genuine emotions and acknowledge them. Her kindness, calm and loving tone, and pure energy is incomparable and quite frankly a gift that keeps on giving." - MyLecia J.

"The We are Enough discussion series is a safe and honest space where women of all walks of life are welcome to share, listen and experience the support of other women. Dina welcomes folks with empathy, sincerity and passion in a way that makes you feel understood, at ease, and most importantly, enough. She helps to foster a community of women who support each other and an environment of trust that allows us to be honest and real. I always walk away with a lighter heart and a stronger mind." - Marnie V.

"It is such a breeze talking to Dina. She is one of the most kind, honest, accepting, empathetic, and insightful people I've ever had the pleasure of talking to. Willing to broach any topic, it's like she holds a mirror up and allows me to see ME, just as I am and also how I want to be. I can't recommend her ENOUGH!" - Kristi L.