Trusting the Unknown: A Journey of Risk and Self-Discovery

I recently had a thought about ALL the risks that I’ve taken. And I ABSOLUTELY had to catch my breath.

“What if I had never moved to Washington, DC back in 1999 to go to school?”

I laugh at the idea of never moving away from home for fear that my relationship with a high school boyfriend wouldn’t make it if I moved away. (Best decision ever!)

“What if I had never taken the risk to say yes to teaching at a university in East Africa when I had zero education experience, and beyond that, had no idea how taking that job would make sense to what I was doing in my career?” (Best risk ever!)

“And then in the craziest turn of events, when I moved back to Washington, DC from France in 2019? Unsure about the state of my marriage and even more unsure about the direction of life when just a month after returning, I resigned from my job?” (Best BOSS move ever!)

No matter what the details were, every single one of these situations had me taking a MAJOR risk that all boiled down to the same thing…TRUST.

When I look back at every single time I took a risk, what I was really doing was asking myself, “Can I really trust my gut, even when I’m not 100% sure it’s the right decision?” 

Because of these risks, I learned to trust myself. I found my voice and I discovered my passion for coaching. 

Let me tell you, I can’t even imagine my life NOT being a coach.

I would have never grown into the leader I was always waiting for others to become.

I would have never been able to help the loads of women and girls that I have already helped over the last three years. I would have never even known the life I have now is possible.

Did you know that for years, I used to cry in my car on my way to work virtually every single day? Yup. I would sit in my car in the parking lot for at least 30 minutes willing myself to get out and go to work. I HATED IT.

Well, maybe I didn’t hate the job. But I did hate working for people who fundamentally didn’t get what I was trying to do; nor cared. 

I’m living my life AMPLIFIED.

I am clear that every single person I’ve touched has not only changed me, but they are also changing the world ever so slightly. 

My message to you is to just keep going because it’s time to amplify the best parts of you. Because the impact that you will have and the changes you will experience are so worth it, simply by way of saying yes you can.

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