Permission Granted

Ever have the feeling that you want to jump right back into vacation after getting back from a vacation? 

I got back from Sedona just a little over a week ago and already am reminiscing over those amazing days in the mountains. Something about it just does it for me! 

And it’s crazy, because I’ve never been that outdoorsy girl. Never grew up hiking or camping or anything of the like. 

Well, now…I dabble in the hiking. But let’s keep it real: I still need a cute AirBnB. Camping just ain’t my thing!  I’m not going to lie – the first half of 2022 has felt like a marathon.

Juggling personal transitions and setbacks, pushing forward with clients and speaking engagements with Enough Labs, dealing with home maintenance stuff that I was ill-prepared for…it’s all felt, well, A LOT. 

I’ve known for a while that I needed a proper reset. Not the kind that has me visiting family or a work conference. I’m talking alone time and the real self-care.  Prioritizing this trip to Sedona was the epitome of me giving myself PERMISSION. 

You see, I didn’t need to wait for anyone to tell me it was ok to take a break. That I deserved it. Or that I should.  I just did it. I knew I needed it. And the best part…I didn’t need a single person to validate my decision. I believed that this was exactly what I needed and I just went for it.  And it was the most restorative experience I’ve had to date. I mean check out the picture I took on top of Cathedral Rock. Do you see that PEACE???

I’ve always believed that pure magic comes from giving yourself permission to pursue the things you want. The longer you wait for the world to give you permission, the longer you are prolonging the outcome that you know is possible. 

And I get it.

Of course, it feels good for others to co-sign the things you want to go after.

To validate you. To acknowledge how right this decision is. To cheer you on LOUDLY. 

But if you believe it to be true…shouldn’t that be ENOUGH? 

Belief doesn’t require permission. And neither do results.  Both require DECISIONS. 

Whether it’s a trip that you’ve been wanting to take or stepping up in a new way in your work…just decide. 

Decide that you are good enough. 

Decide you are already living out your dreams and refuse to put them off a second longer. 

Decide you belong. 

Decide you deserve to be in the job you were hired for. 

Decide you are inherently valuable. 

You get to give yourself permission – you don’t have to wait on it from the world. Because waiting for permission is like letting others decide your value. 

As a coach, the work I do with women is all about encouraging them to give themselves the green light NOW. To say yes to the thing they’ve been talking themselves out of for too long.  Don’t wait for someone to tell you what to do or for the permission to take action. 

Their answer isn’t any better than yours.  You already know the answer. Just decide that it’s true and sell yourself on it. 

If you’ve been waiting to give yourself the permission to pursue the thing that you can’t stop thinking about, I’d love to help. 

And let’s be clear, you’re not going to get permission from me. But you will get a ton of support to feel permission has been granted by YOU. Because that’s the only person it needs to come from.

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