Did you know a girl’s self-confidence peaks at age 9?

Can you remember how you felt at that age? Almost anything felt POSSIBLE!

But eventually, a shift begins to take shape.

One day, you’re the master of your universe: gutsy, unafraid, and bold. And then... puberty hits.

Your confidence decreases, and suddenly an unrecognizably timid and cautious version of yourself takes over. The worst part? She never leaves.

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What does this mean for girls today?

We’re creating a generation whose self confidence peaks before they even reach double digits!

  • Confidence starts to fade as insecurities, doubts, and body image issues take hold.
  • Low self-esteem and nagging self-doubt often remain through adulthood
  • Girls frequently encouraged and rewarded for people-pleasing and perfectionist behavior end up suffering serious mental health consequences as they age into teenagers and women

It’s time to change the game!

Realizing we are enough and that we have always been enough will dismantle these self-esteem and confidence issues once and for all.