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The research is clear: there is a compelling business and economic case for greater diversity and women’s inclusion - across the world.

Enough Labs is your partner to creating lasting change with projects designed for AND with women and girls. Because let’s face it – within virtually every sectors – women and girls have the potential to harness MASSIVE change and make huge strides for gender equality.

With Enough Labs as your partner, you will have access to proven expertise that can have your team, project or organization fully understand how to employ gender-transformative approaches – approaches that can be a gamechanger in shifting the conversation on confidence, resilience and leadership.

Why? Experience has shown clear links between achieving gender equality and female empowerment and the fundamental connection to the realization of human rights.

Simply put – designing initiatives that have an explicit focus on investing in the future of women and girls creates the necessary foundation for progress.

Employing an intersectional and feminist lens to programming and organizational initiatives allows for organizations to rethink the spaces and structures we inhabit and how we share power – allowing us to create more effective, creative and collaborative leadership models. Enough Labs passionately believes in delivering consulting services with partners who are committed to making a difference, and those who want to be inspired by the solutions they employ.

We have consulted for dozens of organizations across multiple sectors, employing an intersectional feminist lens to a wide range of services, including:

    • Gender Equality and Social Inclusion (GESI) Research - Audits, Analyses and Organizational Assessments: We use tested approaches to plan, design and deliver research products related to gender equality and social inclusion. Whether your project or team is looking to complete a GESI analysis to inform the overall strategic workplan or if you are looking to double down on conducting an organization-wide gender audit, Enough Labs is your partner. With significant experience in conducting GESI-focused research products for a diverse range of donors and clients, Enough Labs can help your team to better understand how to employ a gender and social inclusion focus into activities, measurement tools, program delivery, and reporting.
    • Capacity Building on Feminist Leadership and Mentorship: Managers and those in senior leadership roles have a unique responsibility to drive change within their own organizations to advance gender equality and inclusion. In essence, to shake things up and change the way power usually operates at work. Feminist leadership and mentorship offers a conceptual framework that can help build cultures that value everyone, rather than only working for a privileged few. Enough Labs is your partner of choice to provide bespoke training and advice to organizations of every size, groups and individuals who want to learn how to apply feminist leadership principles to their work.
    • Supporting Inclusive Recruitment and Hiring Strategy: If organizations do not have equal representation of women, they are missing out on critical talent. We understand the importance aligned with organizations who are looking to reflect a deep, long-standing practice of bringing everyone’s voices to the table, recruiting diverse talent, and creating an exceptional environment for growth and the advancement of women. Enough Labs is available to partner with Human Resources teams who are committed to building inclusive cultures for women in the fabric of their organization. Best-in-class flexibility and leave programs, inclusive leadership programs and unconscious bias training and support in curating a mentorship initiative that responds to the needs of a team are just a few examples that Enough Labs can support women within your organization.
    • Trainings and Facilitation Services: Our team of skilled facilitators specializes in delivering high-energy, interactive trainings that engage participants from the first minute through to the last. Enough Labs facilitates custom designed training, existing training, or training designed by your in-house staff. We bring the training on-site to your facility or to any location of your choice. Our facilitators bring real world experiences into the training room to emphasize the training relevance and increase the ease of transfer of knowledge to the workplace. From strategic retreats to deep dive planning sessions, the broad range of professional backgrounds represented by our facilitator team allows us to match the required topic knowledge to your specific industry need. We work with your team to customize an agenda that reflects your priorities and can incorporate team building exercises that enable effective communication, trust and engagement.