The Confidence Lab in the Workplace

Rise above the high pressure and tight deadlines.
Beat burnout and, instead, build resilience.

The workplace is a dizzying and fast-paced environment that sometimes misses the mark on supporting employees to be their most focused, engaged and confident selves.

Enough Labs works with your team to curate a 3-month program responsive to the needs of your unique organization.

What’s Covered:

  • Confidence and mindset
  • Releasing perfection
  • Effective strategies for stress management
  • Leadership techniques for self-advocacy and vision setting
  • How to thrive in a fast-paced environment and industry
  • Mentorship models that can be sustained for professional development and support

How it Helps:

  •  Learn the foundations of emotional intelligence and build practical skills for managing work-related conflict and stress, navigating negativity, cultivating confidence and maintaining balanced energy along the way.
  •  We also offer customized sessions for leadership interested in fostering an inclusive space for women’s leadership. We’ll identify strategic opportunities to enable women on your team to reveal their most confident, innovative and dynamic selves.
  • Participants in this program will receive group coaching and individual coaching sessions that are guaranteed to help propel you forward – both individually and as a team.

Want to bring The Confidence Lab to your workplace?

Still have questions? I’ve got answers.

"Dina has such a gift at creating a space where you feel comfortable opening up without fear of judgment. Her intuitive style of coaching allows you to dig deep, while feeling supported. She holds you accountable in such an empowering yet gentle way. Having Dina as a coach will push your further than you've ever been". – Nazinga T.


"Willing to broach any topic, it's like she holds a mirror up and allows me to see ME, just as I am and also how I want to be. I can't recommend her ENOUGH!" - Kristi L.

"Dina has a way of listening to what is and isn't being said, and pushing you to explore what you are hesitant to share. Her intentions and honesty allowed me to see things and see myself in a different light. Forever grateful to her." – Ruthie O.

"Dina hears the words I have a hard time expressing and understands the thoughts that may be too embarrassing to speak aloud. Dina challenges me in a way that forces me to channel genuine emotions and acknowledge them".MyLecia J.