What Does Your Journey to Believing You are Enough Look Like?

Your Journey to Transformation

One-to-One Coaching

It’s a known fact that people work harder in the presence of others. Having a coach by your side can provide the encouragement, energy and motivation you need to jumpstart your journey to feeling your best self. Everyone is different when it comes to their own confidence journey. Working one on one with Dina allows you access to a personal coach who is completely focused on you and your goals. Your unique experience, feelings, and desires will help guide your work with Dina in creating a plan with set goals that are customized specifically to your needs. Whether it’s working on overcoming self-doubt or removing those limiting beliefs that stand in way of you reaching that goal, Dina will hold you accountable and help you overcome any excuses you might use to avoid your commitment to a more confident you. Working one on one with Dina will not only help you reach your goals, you will also have someone who is eager to celebrate the day when you reach them. Through this powerful customized program, we will work together 1 to 1 with the right support system and accountability plan to transform your thinking and identify the supportive habits that will help get you the results you want.

Coaching with adolescent girls is also available.

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Small Group Coaching Experiences

Group coaching has the added benefit of providing a friendly and supportive place for women and girls to support each other. Enough Labs runs a series of different workshops (both online and in-person). Programs include:

The Confidence Lab

The Confidence Lab is a 3-month small group mentoring program for professional women across all sectors who are ready to show up as the leaders and changemakers they were born to be – both in the workplace and in their personal lives. Throughout this program, you will receive access to in-person workshops, customized action plans, and supportive content. You will explore ways of how to dial up your impact, identify strategies on how to advance your career, how to squash limiting beliefs, and how to love who you are in the process.

Reach out if you are interested in bringing The Confidence Lab to your workplace. We would love to work with you!

The Enough Tribe Membership Program

Are you looking for a safe space to confide in with other women about issues that you may be struggling such as doubt, confidence and worth? So many of us just need an opportunity to explore a different way of thinking in order to experience yourself the way you have always wanted to. The Enough Tribe is an online program where I have poured years of study, personal experience and expertise into one place. Through the membership program, you will get exclusive offers, motivational resources, action planning tools, and access to a community of women just like you. Join us and have exclusive access to a tested system that will teach you to embrace who you are and love yourself, exactly how you are. Come join us!

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Mama: You Are Enough

A small group coaching cohort for mothers struggling with perfection

Mama: You Are Enough is a transformational coaching experience for mothers of all ages who find themselves striving for perfection. I have taken it on as a personal mission to help moms let go of this notion of being a ‘perfect mother.’ In this eight-week course, we will explore themes such as how to nurture yourself (mind, body, and spirit), unconditional love for yourself, and quieting the critical and comparing mind. To learn about the next cohort of this program, send an email requesting some preliminary information.

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Working with Teens

Customized programs working with teen girls in partnership with schools and youth centers

Enough Labs has developed a signature curriculum offered to adolescent girls ages 12-15 years old. This program is offered in collaboration with partnering schools, youth clubs, and community centers. Over the course of 10-12 weeks, participants will engage in powerful conversations - teaching them to honor their bodies and emotions, listen to their hearts and dream BIG. Resources are provided to educators and parents to support participants both in the classroom and at home. To learn more about partnering with Enough Labs, schedule a consultation.

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We are Enough: Events, Workshops and Retreats

Restorative and transformational events that foster community

On a rolling basis, Enough Labs will curate events, workshops and retreats that will be sure to provide you with powerful, life-changing, inspirational experiences that will allow you to reconnect with yourself, learn tools, and apply skills that will help you in your every day life. The best part: you will meet other like-minded soul sisters to share the journey with and stay connected.

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