Are you ready to UNLEARN?

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Join Enough Labs for a live, in-person coaching event geared to help you to unlearn the toxic stories that have held you back for way too long.  About this event Enough Labs is hosting an in-person half-day conference on Saturday, November 5th in Washington, DC!  This event is open to any one who resonates with the Enough Labs mission AND has a desire to unlearn toxic thought patterns that have been holding them back.

This event isn't about a surface level makeover or a quick fix...

It's an experience that will help you take a massive leap into unlocking your self-acceptance and self love so that you can step into that QUEEN energy and take this world by storm!

Let's create your most joyful, most self-trusting most confident self, together.

In this gathering, you're going to learn: 

  • How to identify the stories you have been telling yourself that have been holding you back... 
  • How to create emotional safety for yourself as you take up ALL THE SPACE!
  • How to celebrate the hell out of who you are, what you've walked through and who you are becoming, while attracting the right things into your life. 

There will be a range of speakers sharing their unlearning journey, interactive events, and opportunities to learn, connect and grow. And there will be dancing!

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