Navigating your confidence journey doesn’t have to be lonely

Navigating dips in your confidence can feel lonely – I know, I’ve been there. 

And one of the trickiest parts about it?

Feeling like you have what it takes in terms of tools to unlearn the stories we tell ourselves and have been telling ourselves for YEARS!??

Literally! These stories wreak havoc on on our confidence, not to mention, impact the way we see ourselves and the way that we show up. I have heard from countless women how isolating their journey to feeling more confident can feel.

From my clients to students in my Zumba classes, I’m constantly talking to women and they say things to me like…

“I just feel like I’m the only one struggling with this.”

“I feel so embarrassed that I’m having a hard time just being myself.”

“I hate that I have these stories on repeat that I’m not good enough when I see everyone going after their dreams.”

My former client, Emily, felt this way, too. As an actress from the UK, the pandemic hit her industry in a major way. As a result, the stories that had her in a literal vice grip about what was possible for her were getting more and more amplified.

What she realized is that these stories that were getting her all tripped up were planted in her a long time ago. And with the right support and amazing community, Emily was able to take bold action towards the things she wanted…with CONFIDENCE.

When Emily got connected with me, we instantly hit it off. Namely because of how vivacious she is; but also because I so see her in her story.

Because we have gone through similar experiences and have subscribed to the same types of stories that have caused our confidence to take a massive hit at times. But…then we worked together in my 10-week group coaching program, The Unlearning Lab. And the whole DAMN game changed. Listen to how Emily felt after completing the program.

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Pretty damn amazing, right?

Emily’s transformation over a short 10 weeks was nothing short of incredible!

Here’s what I want you to know: Stories and experiences like Emily’s aren’t the exception within The Unlearning Lab, they’re the norm.

And it can happen for you, too.

Here’s what I also want you to know: You are not alone in feeling being overwhelmed or even feeling like no one gets you.

I get it and so do the women who are connected in The Unlearning Lab.

The Unlearning Lab is a group coaching program that will be a game-changer in shifting your confidence and letting go of the stories that are no longer serving you. You don’t have to suffer in silence because you feel like no one understands us.

There is a whole community waiting to embrace you and help you unlearn the stories that have been holding you back for way too long.

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